Lover's Leap Estate Black Tea

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There is a story about a crown prince, a king's favourite dancing girl and illicit love. Rather than give up their love, the pair ran away together, but the king, mad with anger, sent his guards after them. Before they could be captured, the pair decided to jump from the top of a waterfall on what is now the tea estate called Lover's Leap in Sri Lanka. This way they could never be separated.

If you like the flavour of Ceylon tea, then you will love this top tea from one of the best estates in Sri Lanka. The tea is grown high up the steep slopes and is truly a great tea.

Use 1 tbs per 200ml of boiling water.

Brew for no longer than 3 minutes (very important).

The tealeaves yield up to three brewings, after which they make a good lemon tea.

 If a stronger tea is desired, use more tealeaves rather than longer brewing times, as the tea may become too astringent.